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Searching for the Rubik’s Cube solution

I have personally never solved a Rubik’s cube toy. As a child, we had them around the house. I always managed to get a few of the sides completed, but became very disoriented when I had to disassemble those sides to continue solving the puzzle. I admit, I have not touched a Rubik’s cube in well over 20 years.

A few facts about the Rubik’s cube (thank you Wikipedia):

  • invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik
  • Widely considered the world’s best-selling toy
  • There are 43 quintillion possible positions (43 + 18 zeros)
  • If you take the pieces apart and reassemble it, there are 519 quintillion possibilities!

Thinking about the Rubik’s cube, it has a definite and finite number of pieces, 54. Yet from that small number you are able to create almost unimaginable possibilities. And in those possible moves, there are an overwhelming amounts of moves that are incorrect. However, if you were handed a scrambled Rubik’s cube and directed to solve it, you would have everything you needed in those 54 tiles at your fingertips. Again, you have all the tools you need. Despite the crazy number of possibilities, the high likelihood that you will make errors, and the difficulty involved – you can solve the Rubik’s cube. It may take time, practice, and lots of patience. But you can do it.

A good friend and I have spent many conversations over the last few years talking about life, but always with a similar theme. Throughout the different topics (family, children, spirituality,health, careers), we both seem to be pulled toward finding the best solution or purpose for our endeavors.

I’ve begun to realize I have reached a point in my life where I no longer need to look for the next addition, accomplishment, or acquaintance. Within my life, much like the 54 tiles on a Rubik’s cube, I have all the tools I need to succeed. In my 38 years so far, I have put many of the sides together. But I have not yet managed to place all the tiles in such an order that they create a harmonious pattern and appeal. However, I have all the tools I need.

Think about all the different components of your life, I don’t even think I could list 54 individual parts. But, just as in the Rubik’s cube, there are so many potential combinations. And when you finally hit on the perfect placement, everything is suddenly aligned!

I am going to continue to work toward my goals, turning, flipping, constantly re-evaluating. But I find comfort in the idea that I have built the structure and foundation. And with patience and perseverance, I will be able to see all the pieces fall into place.

Or maybe I just order myself a Rubik’s Cube and call it a day!