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Only Cook with Good Wine

Julia Child was an amazing cook, and I remember watching her show as a child. It was fascinating for so many reasons. First of all, Julia herself. She was an enigma to a young girl. She had a marbled voice that rolled over your ears as you listened to her. And she usually had guests on the show with her who were obviously deterring to her expertise and experience in the kitchen. And she found such joy in the process of cooking and creating good food. And she is the first person I ever heard say to only cook with good wine.

Another lesson I learned somewhat later in life is to look for the synchronicity in life. I was a junior in high school, having just moved to New Mexico from Michigan after my parents divorce. I was failing English at the public high school (after being an A student in the Honors Program at the catholic high school I had just left). So yeah, I was handling it pretty well. My teacher was not particularly fond of me, and I don’t blame her. But she gave a lecture on the concept of Synchronicity, and against all odds, I was in class that day and paying attention. The idea of meaningful coincidences struck a chord with me. Granted, at that point I was selfishly motivated and only attracted further negativity to myself. But the idea still took root and has grown.

With this blog, I have begun to experience moments of synchronicity, or meaningful coincidences, in greater frequency. One of my favorite bloggers, Kris Carr, shared a series of videos that were available from Hay House. Through those links, I came upon a video series by Dr Wayne Dyer. Total disclosure, these videos that I found are advertising essentially to join an online course. I have no intention of taking the online course at this point in my life. If you are interested in watching the preview videos or finding out more about his course, click here.  However, I have watched the first four clips that he has filmed sharing some of these ideas. I was so enthralled, I quickly paused the videos and got a notebook and pen to take notes. That is NOT my norm, usually I am clicking between three screens, listening to audio in the background as I search through the local Facebook news!

He spoke about many ideas, but was focused on the phrase “I Am”, and how that can be used to manifest the positive and desired changes you want in your life. And inversely, how it can propagate the negative and self-defeating behaviors that we all develop. At one point, he shared this quote,

“Don’t put anything in your imagination that you don’t want to manifest in your life.”

Hey Julia!! It’s the same idea! Don’t cook with crappy wine, your food will taste like crap. And don’t let negative thoughts and ideas gain a foothold in your mind, your life will be a manifestation of your thoughts and emotions. This was a personal “Aha!” moment for me.

He also shared that as he has progressed through this philosophy, and has continued to open his awareness to the “Light” as he calls it, he has reached a burning desire for radical well-being. Radical Well-Being. Think about that. What does that mean for you? What would you imagine if you thought of your life in a state of Radical Well-Being. What is holding you back from making the changes to get there?