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Cat got your tongue?!

Hmmm…. After months, actually years, of daydreaming of having a blog. I find myself without anything to say. What?! Anybody who knows me personally can attest to my prolific number of opinions! And I may be called a “zealot” by my husband on certain occasions. However, I now find myself questioning every topic that I consider for a post. Too materialistic, too personal, too emotional, too topical.

I am faced with putting my thoughts and feelings into print and find myself judging them as not worthy. Uh-oh. That doesn’t sit well with my opinions and being a bold and courageous role model for my daughters. It doesn’t fit into the realm of personal growth advice that I offer to my clients. Stand up and behind yourself!

So, I have some writing practice that I need to focus on. I need to write an uncensored, non-scripted post once a week. And in the process, find my written voice. I hope and expect to be proud of the end result, but I am dreading the process.

Case in point: I put “Write a Post” on my to-do list on Sunday. It is Friday. And this is the best I’ve got. Like I said, an area for growth! But right now, I get to cross that item off my list!! **Happy Dance**

What is something that you find difficult to do but still want to accomplish? How do you motivate yourself and create accountability?